Wisenetix Podcast - Trey Martin: Building Customer Trust in Ag | Ep. 40

wisenetix podcast Jun 06, 2024

In this episode of The Wisenetix Podcast, Trey Martin, the Director of Sales for North America at Valco, shares his extensive experience in the agriculture industry. Trey discusses key insights into sales and marketing, the importance of relationship building, and strategies for leveraging digital tools in modern agriculture. Listen now on all major platforms.

What will you learn: 

  • Resilience and patience
  • Customer understanding
  • Digital media use
  • Valuable content
  • Building partnerships


Meet the guest:

Trey Martin is the Director of Sales for North America at Valco Industries, Inc. With a degree in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University and extensive experience in operations management and customer service, Trey excels in strategic planning and team building. His career spans roles at Tyson Foods and Valco, focusing on poultry and swine industries.


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