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We are the #1 podcast network in agriculture, globally.

Wisenetix’s mission is to create a positive impact through knowledge dissemination in agriculture. We impact the following verticals: swine, poultry, dairy, beef, aquaculture, feed mill, pet food, and counting.

Join us in building a future where anyone can have access to the brightest minds in agriculture.




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Marcio Goncalves

CEO & Founder

Jamil Faccin

Board Member

Darryl Ayers

Head of Operations

Iana Ferreira

Head of Marketing

Gabriela Esser

Head of People

Tainá Graf Huk

Junior Financial Analyst

Marcelo Galli

Data Analyst

Thaysa Costa

People & Process Assistant

Thiago Nunes

Project Implementation Specialist

Ricardo Calvi Vivian

Account Executive, US

Mariana Carvalho

Account Executive & Customer Success Specialist, BR

Amanda Zonatto

General Counsel & Project Implementation Specialist

Gabriel Arruda

Account Executive, BR

Maria Eduarda Lima

Account Executive, US

Acsa Regazzoni

Sales Ops

Leonardo Araujo


Liana Martins

Customer Success Specialist, USA

Franciely Carvalho

Graphic Design Specialist

Helena Chaves

Administrative Assistant

Julia Couto

Executive Assistant & Marketing Lead

Vinicius Lima

Business Operations

Emanuel Marin

Growth Marketer

Sofia Sathler

Marketing Specialist

João Silva

Technical Content Lead

Lauro Faccin

Senior Videographer & Podcast Editor

Sergio Castro

Senior Quality Control Specialist

Isabelli Brito

Technical Content Specialist

Tatiane Leite

Technical Content Specialist

Larissa Souza

Content Marketing Specialist

Adriane Ferrari

Content Marketing Specialist

Manoela Benatti

Content Strategist

Jhosnel Cedeño

Guest/Host Coordinator

Julia Marin

Guest/Host Coordinator

Marcelo Lazari

Videographer & Podcast Editor

Soraia Castro

Social Media & E-mail Marketing Operations

João Batista Neto

Social Media & E-mail Marketing Operations
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