Wisenetix Podcast - Dr. Keith Erlandson: Customer-Centric Marketing | Ep. 36

wisenetix podcast May 09, 2024

In this episode of the Wisenetix Podcast, Dr. Keith Erlandson, a multifaceted veterinarian with a rich swine production and veterinary microbiology background, shares his journey from his military service to significant roles in various agriculture industry sectors. Dr. Erlandson's insights into innovative vaccine technologies and marketing strategies within the agricultural sector are indispensable for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the industry's digital marketing landscape. Tune into this conversation on all major podcast platforms to gain valuable industry perspectives.

What will you learn: 


  • Global Veterinary Roles
  • Innovative Vaccines
  • Marketing with Lean Teams
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Strategic Product Growth



Meet the guest:

Keith Erlandson, an experienced swine veterinarian from Alta, Iowa, specializes in enhancing swine health and production. Currently a Key Account Manager at Medgene Labs, his 15+ years of diverse roles, including Director of Swine Veterinary Services and Technical Service Veterinarian, showcase his expertise in disease management and swine biosecurity. Holding an MBA and a DVM from Iowa State University, Erlandson is committed to advancing swine health through scientific approaches and continuous learning.


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