The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt - Aryeri Bardales: Iron in Piglet Diets | Ep. 115

the swine nutrition blackbelt podcast Apr 18, 2024

In this episode of The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast, Aryeri Bardales, a master's student at South Dakota State University, explores the critical role of iron supplementation in swine nutrition, particularly focusing on neonatal piglets. Aryeri discusses the implications of varying supplementation strategies on piglet hemoglobin levels and overall health, drawing from recent research conducted in commercial and experimental settings. Tune in on all major platforms to catch the full discussion.


What will you learn: 

  • Iron Supplementation
  • Hemoglobin Insights
  • Sow Influences
  • Anemia Prevention
  • Dietary Strategies

Meet the guest:

Aryeri Bardales, a master’s student of Animal Science at South Dakota State University, focuses on swine nutrition and anemia in piglets. With expertise in food agroindustry, he has worked extensively in farm management and animal nutrition, including roles at Smithfield Foods and Premex. Aryeri holds certifications in hog reproduction and has contributed to research on feed digestibility and the encapsulation of bioactive compounds in food products.

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