The Swine It Podcast Show - Dr. Joost van den Borne: Elevating Farm Biosecurity | Ep. 246

the swine it podcast show Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of The Swine it Podcast Show, Dr. Joost van den Borne discusses critical aspects of enhancing biosecurity and implementing sustainable practices. With a rich background in animal nutrition and physiology, Dr. van den Borne shares his expertise on improving farm hygiene practices and reducing antimicrobial use. He also discusses the effective measurement of product and process effectiveness and the utilization of digital tools for farm management. Don’t miss these insights—listen on all major platforms to stay at the forefront of swine industry innovations.


What will you learn:

  • Enhancing biosecurity
  • Reducing antimicrobials
  • Sustainable practices
  • Farm hygiene
  • Digital tools

Meet the guest:

Dr. Joost van den Borne, Manager of R&D at The Schippers Group and Lector at HAS University of Applied Sciences specializes in improving animal health and performance. With over a decade of experience at Wageningen University and FrieslandCampina, his career spans significant research and concept development roles, focusing on sustainability. Dr. van den Borne’s work integrates physiology, nutrition, and metabolism to bridge disciplines and advance farming practices. 

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