The Swine it Podcast Show - Dr. Erin Posey: Amino Acids & Swine Growth | Ep. 249

the swine it podcast show May 14, 2024

In this episode of The Swine it Podcast Show, Dr. Erin Posey explores the implications of amino acids and intrauterine growth restrictions in swine. Dr. Posey shares insights from recent research and practical approaches to enhance pig health and growth, emphasizing the potential for amino acid supplementation in effectively addressing growth restrictions. Don't miss this episode, available on all major podcast platforms!




What will you learn:
Enhancing growth

Amino acids role

Nutritional strategies

Growth restriction impacts

Swine health optimization


Meet the guest:

Dr. Erin Posey holds a Ph.D. in Amino Acid Biochemistry from Texas A&M University and earned her Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences. She currently leads Developmental Research at USDA-APHIS, focusing on diagnostic virology. Dr. Posey has contributed significantly to the field through presentations at international conferences and has been recognized with several nutrition science awards.

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