The Swine it Podcast Show Canada - Dr. Laura Greiner: Lactation Sow Tips | Ep. 60

the swine it canada podcast May 09, 2024

In this episode of The Swine It Podcast Show Canada, Dr. Laura Greiner shares her extensive knowledge on feeding and managing the lactating sow. With her unique blend of practical experience and academic insight, Dr. Greiner offers valuable recommendations for optimizing nutrition and management practices in swine production. Tune in on all major podcast platforms to gain expert insights into effective swine management strategies.



What will you learn: 

  • Feeding Strategies
  • Sow Nutrition
  • Management Tips
  • Genetic Considerations
  • Technology in Feeding

Meet the guest: 

Dr. Laura Greiner, with a rich background in swine nutrition and production, currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University and the Director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center. Her journey from a traditional farming background to a distinguished academic and research career, including a significant tenure at Carthage Vet Service, exemplifies her dedication to advancing swine health and productivity.

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