The Swine Health Blackbelt - Jenelle Hamblin: Combating PED - Part 2 | Ep. 105

the swine health blackbelt May 15, 2024

In this episode of The Swine Health Blackbelt Podcast, Jenelle Hamblin, Director of Swine Health with Manitoba Pork, continues the conversation on managing Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED). Building on the last discussion, Jenelle explores regional elimination strategies, biosecurity measures, and the industry's proactive efforts to combat PED outbreaks. Tune into this episode to deepen your understanding of strategies to tackle PED and ensure swine health in high-risk areas. Available now on all major platforms!


What will you learn:

  • Managing PED costs
  • Effective surveillance strategies
  • Engaging small producers
  • Compliance support methods
  • Preparing for outbreaks


Meet the guest:

Jenelle Hamblin, Director of Swine Health at Manitoba Pork, has over 15 years of experience in livestock production and biosecurity. She currently oversees swine health initiatives and disease management in Manitoba. With a Master’s in Animal Sciences and a Bachelor's in Microbiology from the University of Manitoba, Jenelle brings expertise in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and emergency response. 


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