The Swine Health Blackbelt - Dr. Pol Llonch: Tech-Driven Welfare for Pigs | Ep. 102

the swine health blackbelt Apr 24, 2024

In this episode of The Swine Health Blackbelt Podcast, Dr. Pol Llonch, an animal behavior and welfare researcher from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, explores the advanced applications of precision livestock farming (PLF) and sensor technologies in enhancing swine welfare. Dr. Llonch discusses how these technologies help monitor and improve the living conditions of pigs, ultimately optimizing their welfare and productivity. Tune in on all major platforms to gain valuable perspectives on cutting-edge welfare practices.

What will you learn: 

  • Precision livestock farming
  • Sensor technology benefits
  • Productivity and welfare link
  • Predictive big data
  • Technology's farming future

Meet the guest:

Dr. Pol Llonch, a senior researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specializes in applied animal behavior and welfare, with nearly two decades of focus on swine. His recent work involves using precision livestock farming technologies to enhance animal welfare.

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