The Poultry Podcast Show - Dr. Rob Shirley: Advancing Poultry Nutrition Science | Ep. 86

the poultry podcast show Apr 23, 2024

In the latest episode of "The Poultry Podcast Show," we engage in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Rob Shirley, Senior Technical Services at Adisseo USA. This episode approaches the multifaceted world of poultry nutrition and its impact on the industry. Dr. Shirley discusses the nuances of feed formulation, the importance of understanding ingredient variability, and the advancement of nutritional analytics in poultry feed. He also highlights the critical role of mentorship and education in nurturing the next generation of poultry scientists. Tune in to this episode for a masterful blend of technical expertise and industry insights, enriching your knowledge about the ongoing evolution in poultry nutrition and its broader impact.


What will you learn: 

  • Feed formulation
  • Mentorship value
  • Industry collaboration
  • Nutritional advances
  • Educational outreach

Meet the guest: Meet Dr. Robert Shirley, a seasoned expert in poultry nutrition and technical services. Currently serving as Senior Technical Services at Adisseo USA, Inc., Dr. Shirley boasts over a decade of experience in the field. A Ph.D. in Poultry Science/Nutrition from The University of Georgia and a Master in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Shirley's expertise is grounded in solid academic and practical foundations. His contributions to the industry are marked by a deep commitment to advancing poultry nutrition and mentoring the next generation.

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