The Poultry Podcast Show - Dr. Danielle Graham: Monoglycerides & Organic Acids | Ep. 93

the poultry podcast show Jun 11, 2024

Innovations in organic acids and monoglyceride blends enhance poultry health and optimize feed efficiency. In this episode of The Poultry Podcast Show, Dr. Danielle Graham, an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas, discusses methods for evaluating these additives in poultry diets. Dr. Graham explains how disease models reveal their benefits, providing insights into their impact on gut health and performance. Tune in for practical strategies to improve poultry nutrition through advanced research.

What will you learn:

  • Evaluating feed additives
  • Benefits of organic acids
  • Poultry disease models
  • Soybean meal quality
  • Gut health strategies


Meet the guest:

Dr. Danielle Graham is an Assistant Professor specializing in Avian Intestinal Health and Parasitology at the University of Arkansas. With a PhD in Poultry Science and extensive research experience, Dr. Graham focuses on developing innovative models to improve poultry health and performance.


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