The Poultry Nutrition Blackbelt - Dr. Bayo Sokale: Phytase Superdosing | Ep. 48

the poultry nutrition blackbelt May 15, 2024

In this episode of The Poultry Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast, we explore the critical advancements in poultry nutrition with Dr. Bayo Sokale, a technical lead at BASF. Dr. Sokale shares his extensive experience and insights on the innovative uses of feed enzymes and performance ingredients, including phytase superdosing's impact on poultry diets. Tune in to explore how these advancements can optimize your poultry operations, available on all major podcast platforms.



What will you learn: 

  • Enzyme innovation in nutrition
  • Benefits of phytase superdose
  • Field study outcomes
  • Phytase in gender response
  • Future of enzyme dosages


Meet the guest

Dr. Adebayo Sokale, DVM from the University of Ibadan and PhD in Poultry Science from Mississippi State University, currently serves as the Technical Lead for Feed Enzymes & Performance Ingredients at BASF in North America. He grew up on a mid-size layer egg farm and followed his father’s footsteps into poultry veterinary science. With extensive experience since 2013, Dr. Sokale supports applying innovative enzyme solutions in poultry nutrition.

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