The Feed Science Podcast Show - Lynn Verstrepen: Software in Feed Production | Ep. 43

the feed science podcast Apr 24, 2024

I'm Dr. Carlos Campabadal, and that's my very first episode as a cohost on The Feed Science Podcast! In this episode, Lynn Verstrepen, an esteemed product manager at BESTMIX Software, is joining me to explore the pressing challenges of raw material sourcing in the feed industry. With over a decade of expertise, she sheds light on how innovative software solutions revolutionize market management and operational efficiency. Lynn also explores how strategic data management can reshape feed production, emphasizing sustainability and adaptability in today's dynamic economic landscape. Tune in to this episode on all major platforms to find where tradition meets technology.

What will you learn: 

  • Market volatility handling
  • Software solutions impact
  • Strategic data use
  • Sustainability integration
  • Navigating supply challenges

Meet the guest:

Lynn Verstrepen brings over 12 years of experience to her role as Product Manager at BESTMIX Software. She focuses on innovative software solutions for the feed and food industries. Her expertise spans bioengineering in green and environmental technology, contributing significantly to advancements in feed production efficiencies and sustainability practices.

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