The Feed Science Podcast Show - Dr. Zachary Smith: Beef Feed Innovations | Ep. 46

the feed science podcast May 15, 2024

In this episode of The Feed Science Podcast Show, Dr. Zachary Smith, an assistant professor at South Dakota State University, explores the complexities of feed science and ruminant nutrition. Dr. Smith shares his rich experiences and current research, providing key insights into nutritional strategies and their impacts on cattle growth. Make sure to tune in on all major podcast platforms for this enlightening discussion.


What will you learn:

  • Cattle Management Techniques
  • Research Application Insights
  • Feed Science Updates
  • Steroidal Implants Overview
  • Agricultural Innovation Strategies


Meet the guest:

Dr. Zachary Smith serves as an Assistant Professor of Animal Science and oversees the Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory at South Dakota State University. With a foundational experience that began in FFA and extended through a significant academic journey at Texas Tech University and South Dakota State, Dr. Smith specializes in beef cattle production from weaning to processing. His work focuses on enhancing cattle finishing strategies and implementing growth technologies to improve industry standards.