The Dairy Podcast Show - Dr. Rik Hendriks: Transition Cows Strategies | Ep. 95

the dairy podcast show Jun 11, 2024

In this episode of The Dairy Podcast Show, Dr. Rik Hendriks, co-owner of a veterinary practice in the Netherlands, shares his extensive expertise in dairy cattle health and management. He discusses the transition period for dairy cows and highlights approaches to improving cow health and productivity. Dr. Hendriks also explores the challenges and solutions related to nutrition, metabolic disorders, and farm management practices. Tune in on major platforms for a comprehensive understanding of dairy cow health management.

What will you learn:
Transition period importance

Managing over-conditioned cows

Dysbiosis impact

Nutritional strategies

Effective cow management

Meet the guest: Dr. Rik Hendriks graduated from Utrecht University in 1992 and co-owns a veterinary practice in the Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Hendriks specializes in dairy cattle health, focusing on metabolism and physiology. He conducts lectures and workshops for farmers, veterinarians, and feed advisors. He also wrote a book, "Pathways to Health and Disease for Dairy Cows," which reflects his extensive research and practical insights.

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