The Dairy Podcast Show - Dr. Brian Sloan: Amino Acid Impact on Milk Production | Ep. 91

the dairy podcast show May 14, 2024

In this episode of The Dairy Podcast Show, Dr. Brian Sloan from Adisseo provides insights into the critical role of amino acids in dairy nutrition. He discusses the significance of amino acid bypass technologies and strategies for effective amino acid balancing to enhance dairy cattle health and productivity. Dr. Sloan also explores the future of dairy nutrition, highlighting how precision amino acid supplementation will shape sustainable farming practices. Tune in on all major podcast platforms to gain valuable perspectives that could transform your approach to dairy farming.

What will you learn:
Amino acids in dairy

Impact on milk fat

Sustainability practices

Transition cow focus

Future of dairy nutrition

Meet the guest:

Dr. Brian Sloan is the Director of Ruminant Business at Adisseo, bringing over 36 years of industry experience. He began his academic journey in biological sciences, shifting to agricultural biochemistry for his undergraduate degree and completing a Ph.D. working with dairy cow trials at Newcastle University.  Dr. Sloan's expertise in ingredients, agribusiness, and agriculture has significantly advanced ruminant nutrition globally. He leads strategic initiatives and innovations in the amino acid business, contributing to sustainable and efficient farming practices. 

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