The Crop Science Podcast Show - Dr. Joby Czarnecki: Drones in Agriculture | Ep. 19

the crop science podcast show Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of The Crop Science Podcast Show, Dr. Joby Czarnecki, Associate Research Professor of Precision Agriculture at Mississippi State University, explores the world of precision agriculture and the practical applications of drone technology in crop management. Dr. Czarnecki discusses the evolution of precision farming, its current trends, and the future possibilities it holds for enhancing sustainability and efficiency in the crop industry. Tune in on major platforms to catch this enlightening discussion.



What will you learn:
Drone technology benefits

Cover crop challenges

Precision farming applications

Collaborative agricultural research

Meet the guest:

Dr. Joby Prince Czarnecki is an Associate Research Professor at Mississippi State University. She has a Ph.D. in Plant and Soil Sciences and a minor in Statistics. With nearly two decades of experience, she specializes in integrating geospatial technologies into agriculture, focusing on precision agriculture and drone usage. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Plant and Soil Science from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Czarnecki's work emphasizes data-driven solutions and the profitable implementation of conservation practices. 

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