The Crop Science Podcast Show - Dr. Carlos Fischer: Sustainable Food Future | Ep. 22

the crop science podcast show May 14, 2024

In this episode of The Crop Science Podcast Show, Dr. Carlos Fischer discusses his expansive journey and insights into integrating food systems, livestock sustainability, and climate change. From his roots in Argentina to his impactful work globally, Dr. Fischer explores the nuanced intersections of agricultural practices and environmental stewardship. Tune into this insightful episode to understand the complexities of food systems and their implications on global sustainability, available now on all major platforms.



What will you learn:
Food system dynamics

Sustainable practices

Global impact

Agricultural insights


Meet the guest:

Dr. Carlos Fischer is a research associate at Cornell University's Department of Global Development, focusing on sustainable food systems and the interplay between agriculture, biodiversity, and climate change. His career spans over 15 years across academia, NGOs, government, and UN agencies, deeply engaging with the ecological impacts of agricultural practices. Notably, his work contributes to global discussions on livestock sustainability and climate change, aiming to harmonize food production with environmental stewardship. His international experience enriches his approach, advocating for holistic solutions within food systems. 

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