The Beef Podcast Show - Dr. Erin Schwandt & Dr. Paige Gott: Beef and Mycotoxins | Ep. 74

the beef podcast show Apr 24, 2024

In this episode of The Beef Podcast Show, Dr. Erin Schwandt and Dr. Paige Gott, experts from dsm-firmenich, explore the intricate world of mycotoxins and their impact on beef production. They discuss the challenges and solutions in mitigating mycotoxin risks, providing essential insights for beef industry professionals. Tune in to this enlightening discussion on major platforms for a deeper understanding of mycotoxin management in beef cattle.



What will you learn: 

  1. Understanding Mycotoxins
  2. Mycotoxin Effects
  3. Management Strategies
  4. Research Insights
  5. Professional Advice

Meet the guest: Dr. Erin Schwandt, a technical manager at dsm-firmenich, holds a Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition from Kansas State University. Dr. Paige Gott, a product manager at dsm-firmenich, earned her Ph.D. in Animal Science from Ohio State University. Both are leading experts in mycotoxin management and have extensive experience in the beef industry.

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