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Dr. Samuel Rochell

Sam Rochell is an associate professor of poultry nutrition at Auburn University. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in poultry science from Auburn University and a PhD in animal science from the University of Illinois. From 2016 to July 2022, he was an assistant and then associate professor in the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas before taking his current position in August of 2022. Rochell has an active laboratory working in the areas of amino acid nutrition, feed ingredient and additive development and evaluation, and nutritional interactions with coccidiosis. He currently directs or co-directs 4 graduate students. He has authored or co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed journal publications and has delivered over 50 invited presentations in the US and internationally. Rochell teaches poultry science and nutrition courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and serves as a nutrition section editor for the Journal of Applied Poultry Research



Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck

Associate Professor at Iowa State University

Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck has received her PhD from UW-Madison and two Post-doctoral positions in nutrition and immunology. She joined the Iowa State University Animal Science Faculty in January 2016, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2022. She has mentored students, published a vast number of articles, and her research and teaching efforts focus on the poultry industry from different angles with the same intent: to use nutrition to improve poultry health, productivity, and welfare. She strives to solve current industry issues and anticipate future industry needs using unique approaches.

Dr. Pratima Adhikari

Associate Professor in the Poultry Science Department at MS State University

Dr. Pratima Adhikari is currently an Associate Professor in the Poultry Science Department at MS State University. She graduated with her doctoral degree in Poultry Science from the University of Georgia in 2017 and MS in Animal Science from the University of Manitoba in 2013. Dr. Adhikari has 60% research and 40% teaching appointments. She teaches the Management of commercial layers, Undergraduate seminars, Graduate–level nutrition classes and has co-taught Avian Anatomy and Physiology and Undergraduate Nutrition. Dr. Adhikari currently mentors 3 PhDs and 3 MS students, have graduated 5 graduates and has several undergraduates in her lab. Her research broadly focuses on nutrition and gut-health management of egg-laying hens, alternative feed ingredients, enzyme research, low protein, and sustainability, and nutritional interventions against Salmonella and E. coli. Dr. Adhikari has provided her research talks at 4 international-level and 3 national-level meetings. Dr. Adhikari also advises the Nepalese Students Association. Her hobbies include traveling, trying new food, and reading novels. At leisure, she spends almost all of her time with her toddler son and husband.

Shelby Corray

Poultry Technical Service Manager, Animal Nutrition & Health NA, dsm-firmenich

Shelby Corray joined dsm-firmenich in 2017 as a poultry technical service manager. Previously, Shelby managed the University of Illinois poultry research farm. She earned an MSc in poultry nutrition and an MBA from the university. Shelby specializes in vitamin nutrition, gut health, and optimizing broiler productivity, and leads research projects in the field with universities and private research sites for dsm-firmenich. 

Dr. Vivek Kuttappan

Poultry Technology Lead at Micronutrition and Health Solutions in Cargill, Inc.

With a robust 15-year tenure in the US poultry sector, Dr. Kuttappan has carved out a niche to enhance broiler meat quality and tackle the pivotal challenges of poultry gut health. His efforts have led to notable advancements, including a groundbreaking patent for a novel molecule that boosts gut health in broilers. Dr. Kuttappan's research has garnered worldwide recognition, amassing approximately 100 scientific publications and earning him accolades like the prestigious PSA Early Achievement Award for Industry.

A beacon for innovation, Dr. Kuttappan has actively collaborated across academia and industry to pioneer non-antibiotic feed additive strategies, driving forward the performance of poultry production. As a revered member and the current Chair of the PSA Committee on Industry Relations, his vision continues to shape the trajectory of poultry science.


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