The ultimate cost-effective recruitment solution for US companies

Secure the 1% top talent while reducing payroll costs by 5 times!

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The ultimate cost-effective recruitment solution for US companies

Secure the top 1% talent while reducing costs by 5 times!

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All The Tools You Need To Scale Your Recruitment

Own recruiting model

We have cutting edge personality profiles from 10,000 candidates. We only select the top 1%


South America has similar timezones and natural accent compared to Southeast Asia.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Assessment

Most people are hired because of their skills and fired because of their personality, critical thinking, and problem solving ability.

Only pay if you hire someone
(Limited Time Offer)

We are the employer of record. You pay us we pay them. No hassle and no tax implications.

Hire remote Brazil Talent

Wisenetix connects American entrepreneurs with exceptional Brazil professionals, offering remote talents for diverse roles. We'll do everything for you... Find the talent, interview them, and provide a short list - Once you accept, we'll deal with contracts and all bureaucracy. We ensure seamless integration into your teams, and you only pay after hiring.

English Speakers Only

You'll only get Brazil professionals who are proficient in English. Less than 1% of our database makes it to your shortlist. Our rigorous selection process guarantees that each candidate has the technical skills and language proficiency to effectively collaborate with American entrepreneurs.

Reduce payroll costs by 5X

You'll save up to 60% with Wisenetix. You'll pay above their local market rate and save lots of money in the process. You'll get highly motivated professionals eager to deliver the best results for you. This cost-effective solution benefits everyone and will amplify your business's success.

Transform your business with Wisenetix. Discover top Brazil talent ready to elevate your team. Efficient, cost-effective, and fluent in English. Join us and redefine success. Act now!

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